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Legal Opinions
May 03, 2014
When there is a disagreement about the interpretation of laws affecting firefighters, the EBoard will seek a Legal Opinion from trusted Legal Council. When those opinions are received, they will be poste as a PDF here.
Download: Vacancy and Promotions - Legal Opinion.pdf , Personnel Files (g) per 143.089 - Opinion Letter.pdf , 2004 Pay Implementation - Opinion.pdf

Texas Fire Fighter Statutes
Mar 07, 2013
This PDF document contains all of the laws that affect Texas Fire Fighters and is a main resource tool. It is updated following the close of each Texas Legislative session.
Download: Texas Statutes - 2011-2013.pdf

Weingarten Rights
Aug 25, 2011
A few months ago I posted an article about Weingarten Rights only to pull it until we could confirm that despite Texas being a "Right to Work" State, we do indeed have these rights. The following article is written by me from information gathered at the Texas City Attorneys Association Website.
Download: Weingarten Rights in Texas.pdf

Loudermill Rights
Dec 02, 2011

Download: Loudermill Rights.pdf

Civil Service Updates
Jan 12, 2011

Download: Civil Service Updates June 2010.pdf

Current Texas Legislation - July 2011 Conclusion of Legislation
Jul 07, 2011

Download: Texas House Bill 43 - Investigations of FFs.pdf , Texas House Bill 342 - Action after ruling.pdf , SB 344 - Clarification of Seniority & Cert Pays etc.pdf , Legislative Update 06-01-2011.pdf

Know Your Rights
Aug 24, 2011

When Questioned - Knowing Your Rights Can Save Your Job

 Your Employer May … 

· Not interrogate you off-duty without compensation.

· Not subject you to physical or verbal abuse

· Not subject you to threats or promise of reward

· Force you to answer questions without representation.  (Never disobey a direct order)

· Require you to take a lie-detector test.  (this is not admissible in an appeal hearing.)

· Search your private space or lockers if given prior notice that they are subject to search.


Before Any Questioning, Your Employer Should... 

· Tell you if you are under investigation for misconduct.

· Tell you who will be conducting any investigation.

· Tell you if your responses could result in disciplinary action.

· Tell you the nature of any possible charges.

· Authorize audio recordings of any inquiry. 


If there is a complaint against you (Sub-Chapter B. Texas Government Code § 614.021 — .023)

You must be presented a copy of the signed complaint before there can be any disciplinary action. 


You Have The Right... 

· To ask if you are at risk of disciplinary action.

· To ask for Association representation before responding to any questions.

· To request Audio Recording of any statement made.

· To not volunteer to take a lie detector, alcohol or drug test

· To make note of physical or verbal abuse, threats, extortion or any other attempt to compel your answers.


Always Ask:  “Can This Lead To Disciplinary Action?”

If The Answer is “Yes”: Ask For Representation!!

If The Answer is “No: Ask for documentation (written or audio)


If you are compelled to make a statement or answer questions without Union Representation or in violation of any other of your rights, you must always obey a direct order and comply.

Before you comply, request the following “Non-Waiver Statement” to be recorded and then read the following statement:

“I am making this statement in compliance with a direct order with the understanding that I am subject to disciplinary action up to and including indefinite suspension if I do not comply. In making this statement, I do not waive my right to representation pursuant to TEXAS GOVERNMENT CODE Chapter 617; sub-section 617.005”

Download: Know Your Rights Card (Front & Back).doc

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